Monday, September 1, 2014

Elder Bollard with Elder Higham (from OC) on the far left and Elder Castillo
Hey everyone! Yet another awesome week in the sector of Pau! We had some cool miracles this week so listen up!

Alright ,Monday was great, got some French clothes. Tuesday we taught a potential ami that I found in our Area Book named Anthony. He is really cool and has a lot of good questions. Then we went and visited frère Imbangoyi, who is a less active in the ward. We taught him the importance of Sacrament and he is making the efforts to come back. He even wants to set up an interview with the bishop. After that we went to the Leang family's house and had some sweet asian food. There we shared the story of Lehonti and how he left the protection of his camp and fell into temptation. I was able to share 1 Corinthians 10:13, which is a money verse.

Then on Wednesday we visited Jaqueline and Treasure who aren't really progressing at all. But their kids love us - haha. We had a rdv fall through and then taught an english class.

Thrusday we went to Zone training and I saw Elder Taylor and Elder Higham who are the BDX ZLs. It was great and we chatted about all of our fathers who are/were mission presidents. 

THEN FRIDAY - Our days of miracles. So we took an early train to an outside ville called Orloron St. Marie (write that down somewhere because we definitely have to visit that place). It is so beautiful and there is one member family that lives there. And they are Spanish! So we go to the gare and went to a really nice neighborhood where we worked for most of the day!  We were able to have more than 20 conversations and we taught a lesson. After, we went to their house and shared a message with them and left to go work again.  We rang an apt and out of the window popped two heads. It was a french couple eating dinner. I asked if we could share a message with them and they invited us in. They are French Evangilists.  We taught them all about the Restoration. They have a copy of the BoM now and we are seeing them again this week!

It was a great week and I love the people here. The ward is great and in a couple of minutes we are going to hike the Pyrenes with the Riviere family!  I love and respect you all!
Take care


Elder Bollard


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