Monday, April 13, 2015

Voici une semaine à Bordeaux #miraclecity
 Hey crew. I hope everyone is doing well! This past week has been franchement amazing.... We did three exchanges (Bergerac, Perigueux, and Brive) and saw beaucoup des miracles and funny experiences. Okay, so for starters, Monday night we had a rdv with an ami who wanted to learn English.  So we thought it would be a good idea to watch Elder Holland's General Conference talk in English. hah! He didn't understand the first minute... so we switched it to French and he really liked it. He testified to us about Jesus Christ and it was really cool!

Then on Tuesday, I went to Bergerac with Elder Lindsey and we rode bikes like no one's business. It was super cool to ride throught the countryside to a super small ville and perform service for a member. After that, we did an English class. Then the electricity in our apt went out during planning so we just laid on the floor in the dark and I played the guitar for Elder Lindsey.

Then on Wednesday, I had an exchange with Elder Thompson! haha. We were in Bordeaux and had a good time. We visited our ami Maia and prayed with her. Also, on Thursday, we had some super cool experiences! We went contacting by Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux and I met a man named Steven. I walked up to him as he was looking over the water and I could tell that he was having a rough day. Long story short, his day was REALLY rough. I prayed with him and talked to him about God and His love for him. He was in tears and thanked me. It was a really cool moment and he was going through some really hard things. It just goes to show that the Lord loves us and he wants us to know it. After that we blitzed Brive and had some cool miracles there too. We found a Dominican man and taught him and his kids. It was a great experience!

THEN, biggest miracle ever. On Saturday, we had a rdv with a man named Yann who scheduled the meeting with us! He is an evangelical but has grown tired of it all and has started searching. He found some members on Facebook in Paris and they gave him our number. We taught him the Resoration and he LOVED it.  It all was what he searching for and he felt the Spirit very strongly. He also watched General conference by himself at home and he loved it. He came to church yesterday and we are excited to see his progress. Pray for him!

Hey I love you all. Today we went to a city called Arcachon to see the Dune du Pilat. It's the biggest sand dune in Europe and it was super fun! Have a great week and know that God loves you :)


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  3. Salut, mes deux Elder :)
    Merci pour tout ce que vous faites et merci à vos parents !
    Je vous aime tous les deux dans le Christ.
    Que Dieu continue de vous bénir dans votre mission.



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