Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! I started my first full year of being a missionary this week! New Years Eve was crazy! The French love to party here in Aix. The streets were EMPTY New Years Day. I have been sick all week!!! I caught some nasty French sinus cold. But it was a good week! We taught Mattieu, our engage, and his testimony is growing so much!

I have been reading in second Nephi and I love chapters 2, 4, and 9. Nephi was an amazing dude and the love he had for his family was amazing. My companion and I now split up when we contact so I talk to French people all alone now and it is so fun, haha. I have met some awesome people here in France.

I can't explain how happy I am that some of my friends visited my parents last week.  I love all you guys so much and my parents were so happy to see all of you! The big French SOLDES starts on Wednesday when all of the stores have big sales so I hope to get some cool stuff to send home next week! 

I am so happy to be here talking about Christ to everyone I meet. I know that he loves us and I know that he knows us and he knows our hearts.  He is my Savior and my friend.  I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year!!!!


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