Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hola que tal?
Hey everybody! Elder Charles Clayton Bollard writing in from a hot library in Pau. So we had a pretty gnarly week!  We were only in our sector/area for two days!  We went on an exchange with the ZLs and then we went to Lyon for "le conference des bleus"!  New French missionaries are called blues :)

Anyways it was great. We had some cool miracles on the train rides and we had a great day yesterday!  So, in Bordeaux I went with Elder Castillo and we wrecked it!  We visited with a super cool less-active from Cameroon and she had me laughing so hard I was choking.  Then we contacted through Bdx and found some elect people.  After Bdx, we went to Lyon and attended the Blues Conference. It was sweet and I saw President Roney. He's a great and inspired man. Also I got to see Elder Thompson (Tori's nephew) and, even better, we went on a mini exchange in Lyon.  He fixed a RDV with this super cool man from Africa. He is such a great Elder and I love him a ton.  We have talked alot when we cross paths during transfers and it is always great to have someone from home to talk to.

Anyways, after we left Lyon we had a super legit train ride. So we were sitting in the train at a part where 4 seats face each other.  Across from me was this 24 yr old girl from Paris named "Amour" (which means love) HA!  And across the aisle was a man from Africa named Theo who looked exactly like RG3 from the Redskins. He looked at our badges with the most confused face I have ever seen and asked "What's that?" haha. So we talked with him and gave him a copy of the BOM. Right when he touched it he said "I have already read this!" He then jumps up and talks to his brother and gives it to his brother.  Now his bro is reading it and the Parisian across from me is laughing cause Theo is a hilarious boss. So we started a conversation with her and explained the Restoration. It was so great!

Then yesterday we taught Sylvain and said Goodbye to him because he is going back to Benah. We took down every bit of contact info he had so that the missionaries could meet with him there. Then we went to a sister's house to give her a blessing and we found out that she knows Trahn, our Vietnamese mother amis! It was sweet and she said she would be more than willing to help us teach.

It was a great week.  I am excited to set goals for the next twelve months of my mission. We all need to set faith-required goals in our lives that will help us stretch. It is faith that makes the difference. I have many good examples in my life and I am excited to get to work! This is the Lord's work and he is watching over all of us. I have begun to realize that more and more.

I love you all and I wish you the best week ever!
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