Monday, February 23, 2015

HELLO everyone! Elder Bollard reporting for duty. What a great week and what an even greater P-day now that I have seen that my friend Zack Deleray has been called on a mission to Brazil! Congrats my man :)

So this week started off with an awesome rdv with Lyvanna and Claire. Claire is an all star and she is such a great member. We started with the first lesson and it went well. We are going to their house again tonight!

On Tuesday, we blitzed a ville called Muret.  It was gnarly because there aren't many people who live there but we had several good converstaions. I was with Elder Haskin from Georgia and we had a blast.  We also went to a ville called Foix and it is straight out of Lord of the Rings.  Check out pics on my dropbox, they even nicknamed the city Gondor.
After that we had a super cool time with the Johnston family (Toulouse Rugby Captain) and we gave a blessing to his daughter. 

On Thursday, we taught Caroline from Germany. She is a friend of the Van Tonders and the rdv went really well. We talked about the "my family" booklets with her and she was super interesting in doing her own. After that ,we went to the Serrano Millones and had one of the funniest nights of my mission. They are one of the raddest families ever.  Frere Serrano is our Stake Mission Leader and he is a boss. 

Then on Friday, we had Zone Conference in BDX!  It was about alot of the same stuff that was presented to us a MLC. We also watched "Meet the Mormons", THAT was the most intense movie I have seen in a while :)

On Saturday, we had another rdv with the friend of a member and then we went to the Osmans for dinner.  This ward is great and the members are warriors. 

This week is going to be crazy because we have 4 exchanges. Pray for us that we will have energy by the end of the week!

Well that's about it! I am glad to hear the good news coming from home.  You are all awesome and I love you. 

Remember that if you ask God with faith, he will answer you. Even in the toughest of times.

Elder Bollard

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

La meilleure partie est que ce est vrai
Hey everybody! What a great week in France! So many great memories made this week. We started off with a train ride to Lyon where we attended Mission Leadership Council.  I saw some mission friends whom I haven't seen in a long time!  I spent some time with old companions and good friends as well as with President Roney! We spent the entire meeting talking about families.

After MLC we spent the night in Lyon and planned for Zone Training. The following day we took a train back to Toulouse and had lunch with the Van Tonders and continued planning.

So, for Zone Training, my comp and I and the Sister Training Leaders presented something called "Project Elijah," which is a new initiative that the mission is presenting on the family. Our contacting, teaching mode, everything has changed and we are focused on the family. We had the Van Tonders come and we interviewed them about their grandparents. The spirit was strong and we helped the missionaries recognize what the spirit of Elijah really was. 

We also received a really cool questionnaire about the family that we use when speaking with people. The questions are "which member of your family has made the biggest sacrifice for you?" "how do you feel when you reflect on this person?" and "how has this person helped you become the person you are today?"

After Zone Training we had an exchange with the elders in Rodez and tried out the questionnaire and saw tons of miracles! We set up two rdvs and got three mini discussions in one hour. Later that night, we went to the Pichons and interviewed them about their families. It was rad!

After that we finished off the week with some cool rdvs and we went to another wedding at the chapel on valentines day.... yeah it was hilarious and we talked with some really cool people. 

It was a great week and tonight we are teaching a girl who wants to be baptized!  We are going to see her and her mom every monday for the next six weeks! 

Zone Conference in Bordeaux this week! I'll send pictures :)

I love you all and I wish you a great week!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Salut à tous!!!

This past week was great. We started off the new transfer well and we had some really neat experiences this week. For starters, it snowed here in Toulouse!!! Yeah thats right, it was the second time in my life that I had seen snow acutally fall. It was so fun to work in the snow and throw snowballs at my companion :) 

The work here is picking up for our equipe, we are teaching some new amis now and we are going to challenge one of our amis to be baptized here pretty soon. His name is Kevin and his testimony is already rock solid. We just have to figure out how he can come to church because he has to take a train to get to Toulouse. 

We have been planning on cool ideas to unite the zone and make this transfer's zone training the best. We also had Ward Council this past week and we finally have home and visiting teachers for all of our recent converts! YEAH!!! They are all doing well by the way. Marie-Antoinette is going to the temple in Switzerland this week. I am so happy for her :) 

On Saturday, we did service for a less active soeur (sister) in our Ward and then we went to a wedding!!!  It was the first wedding I've been to on my mission. There were a ton of friends of the bride and groom there and we served juice to everyone. Then yesterday we went to the Pichon's house and had crepes. I love that family so much ;)
This week we are going to Lyon for MLC and then we have zone training on Thursday. Our theme this transfer is on the family. Huh, funny how that works out. We are giving a zone training on the family the 12th of February (the annivesary of my Mother's passing). 

I would just like to express my gratitude to all of you who have helped me this past year. You really do not know how much I have appreciated all of your support. It seems like this past year has flown by. I have felt the love and comfort of our Savior Jesus Christ during these past twelve months more than I ever have in my life. It is hard to believe that my Mother passed away a year ago this Thursday, but like I have said before I know that her spirit is close to our family. I am so proud of my brothers and their strength and examples to me. You guys rock. I plan on making these next six months of my mission the best ever!  Don't ever lose hope, the Plan of Salvation is true and real. I know that this is true and I love you all!  Thanks again!

avec amour,
Elder Bollard



Monday, February 2, 2015

Cette semain a été folle!
Buying Winter Coats

Hey everybody! We finished out the transfer strong with 8 amis (investigators) at Church this past Sunday! I LOVE THIS WARD!  The members here are like family and that will make staying in Toulouse for a fourth transfer so much better!  I will be in Toulouse until March now. I am still with Elder Mcbeth and we are having a great time. 

This past week, we did two exchanges!  The first exchange was with the Rodez Elders coming down to blitz Toulouse! It was great and I was with Elder Smith from Texas. We had a blast and he is truly one of the funniest missionaries in the mission. Then I went on exchnage with Elder Anderson from Washington. Both are great, hardworking missionaries! 

This past transfer has been great and I am extremely excited for this new tansfer.  Next week we go to Lyon for Mission Leadership Conference and then we will present Zone Training. I will see some great missionary friends next week and I am super excited. 

I love this work so much and I am enjoying every moment of it!  We are teaching tons of amis of members and that is how it should be. The best way is to work through members. Tonight we are going to the Kahnes and we will have an Family Home Evening with them. They are a great family.

Everything sounds great back home! It is crazy to think that I have started my 12th transfer and that I only have about 6 months left!  I am so happy to hear about uncle Vince and aunt Wendy going on a mission! YAY! My guess is that you will go to Ghana! ;)

I love you all. Have a great week and send me updates of your lives!

Elder Bollard

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Zone Leaders Bollard and McBeth (bottom right) and President and Sister Roney (top left) with the Toulouse Zone (January 2015)

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