Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Je suis un voyageur de la France

HELLO everyone!!! Wow, what a week! One of the most intense weeks ever! We started off by taking a train to Lyon where we attended Mission Leadership Council. After returning from Lyon we went to the Agen District Meeting and then we started our exchange with the elders in Perigueux (where Tori's nephew Cole is serving) and attended their District meeting. THEN we went to Brive to do an exchange with them and then came back to Bordeaux to prepare for Zone Interviews. Oh man, I am a bit tired, haha.
Bon, en tout cas, it was a great week and my interview with President Roney was just awesome! I love that man a ton and I am excited to see him and his family in Provo after the mission.  He will be released just one month before my release. 
The missionaries in our Zone are doing well and we will actually be spending time in our own sector this week which is awesome! Our ami Maya came to church this Sunday!!! IT WAS GREAT!  She is progressing well and I love teaching her. She has five adorable kids and we will keep working with this family with care.

You are all awesome and I love you!  Thanks for all of the letters and packages! 
BY THE WAY! my address in Bordeaux is:
Les Missionnaires
rés. parc cérés, 17 rue Caillou Bat A
33200 Bordeaux Cauderan
Bordeaux Wine Country

Monday, March 23, 2015

J'aime vivre à Bordeaux
Hey everyone! I don't have a ton of time to write today because we travelled to Lyon today for tomorrow's for Leadership Council.

So far, I love Bordeaux. It is a beautiful city with lots of really nice people. The weather is pretty good and the ward is great. This transfer is going to be different for many reasons. First, we are probably getting iPads and we will be working really closely with our District Leaders to help make sure that everyone is using them correctly and following the rules. Second, our zone is the biggest in the mission and it is the farthest away from Mission Headquarters, so my companion and I are rarely in our sector because we are doing so many exchanges with the neighboring villes

We are teaching a really cool mother from French Gyuana in South America. Her name is Maya and she is super faithful. She met with the missionaries when she was little. She is excited to come to church.

I did an exchange with the Bergerac Elders this week. It was super fun and we taught three lessons. The missionaries in our Zone are great.

I am looking forward to Mission Leadership Council tomorrow. It will be great!!!

I love you all, have a great week! 
Elder Bollard

Monday, March 16, 2015

J' habite a Bordeaux!
Hanging and eating with our ami, Nana Kwabena Sarpong Okumahkuma 
 Hey everyone!!! So transfers have come and I am writing this email from BORDEAUX! I am serving as a Zone Leader in Bordeaux starting today.  It is going to be a blast! The villes  (cities) in our zone are beautiful and I am with a great companion. His name is Elder Miner and he is from Paulo Alto, CA. ,He was Elder Mcbeth's former comp so I have heard some cool stories about him. I am looking forward to doing some excellent work here in Bordeaux. As for Toulouse, I am going to miss that place so much. That ville and those members will always be in my heart. I had about 5 different members say goodbye to me at the Gare de train today. I know that I will come back to visit that place!
This past week has been so memorable. We started off by going to the Kahnes on Monday night. I LOVE that family. They are amazing people. Then, after that ,we visited Marie Antoinette and she gave me photos of the time that I spent in Toulouse. That night we went to the famille Marcon for dinner and it was great!

Wednesday and Thursday were District Meetings. So we went to Albi again, then drove down with them to Toulouse for calls. Thursday night we went to the Pichons and had a great time. I will always remember that night. President called Friday morning to tell me where I was going. I was pretty surprised to get the call for Bordeaux! 

I told the members by text that I was leaving after I found out I was going to BDX and I got a call from the Lafargues saying, "Elder Bollard, we are taking you out to a restaurant tonight."  HAHA, I love the Capitole Ward!  We went to lunch that day with Pierre Fourtina (our WML) and then the Lafargues took us out to a nice French Restaurant outside of Toulouse. Saturday was geat. We went to the Osmans and then to our amis house for lunch and dinner. 

It was hard to say goodbye at Church yesterday but I am so grateful that I was able to meet such great people and members of the Church. I took a ton of photos with the members so you'll have to check out my dropbox to see them.
I will really miss these good friends from Toulouse!
I am excited for this new begining!  Bordeaux looks beautiful and I have my old friends Elders Thompson, Dupre, and Castillo serving in the zone. It is going to be a blast! Be sure to check out my email next week about week #1 in Bordeaux! You're all great. Keep the faith and work hard! 
Remember that it's all true. That is the best part about it :) (that's what the Silver Fox always says),

Monday, March 9, 2015

J'aime Toulouse!

Hey everyone!  The sun is out and it is beautiful here. This week has been incredible. Like we are talking miracles on miracles here. So for starters, on Monday we had the Rodez Elders come and blitz us and I went with Elder Smith to teach a friend of the Kahne family. Her name is Eleanor and she is a super nice French woman. We went to their house and had dinner and talked about Christ being our rock and we taught about how we can have hope when we put Christ as our foundation. She loved it and said that she felt at peace and that so many things made sense to her. She told the Kahnes that she wanted to live with them so that she could feel that feeling always! It was amazing. We made a teaching schedule with her and we are going to teach her every monday night for the next six weeks at the Kahnes. We are also going to teach Lyvanna (Claire's daughter) every monday night as well! That means splits with our ward mission leader!

Anyways, after Monday I saw Marie A and Margot on Tuesday and they are doing great! Then our week got crazy! We did more exchanges and had two district meetings to attend. The first was with Concorde and then we went up to Albi to start an exchange and go to the Rodez District Meeting. It was super fun. We drove to Castres with Albi and I was with Elder Ottesen, he is a great missionary. 

We ended the week off well and did service for the Lafargues and after we sang for a concert at the church. More than 30 amis came! It was amazing!

We just got back from eating at a restaurant at Capitole Square with the Chinese speaking elders. It was a blast!
This is the last week of the transfer and I am most likely leaving. I have been in Toulouse for 4 transfers and I will miss this place if I leave but, hey  what can you do?  It is good to hear that everyone back home is doing well. I love you all so much and I wish you a great week!! 
Elder Bollard

Monday, March 2, 2015

Toulouse est comme ma ville natale

Hey everyone!  What another great week here in Toulouse, this city is becoming my second home. I know it like the back of my hand! This Monday we saw Claire and Lyvanna and watched the video The Restoration with them. On Tuesday I ATE ESCARGOT!  It is actually really good. We went to the Mayers and had a blast with that family. This week has been awesome. I was able to do 4 exchanges with other missionaries this week. It was very tiring but super fun. There are some great missionaries in our zone. I am actually starting a new exchange in like 5 minutes!

I don't have a ton of time to write but it has been a great week and I love this ward and city! 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week. 

Check out the pics 
 Leadership Conference in Lyon
 In the appartement at the end of the day
Local chateau in the evening

Elder Bollard

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