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Okay so this week in Aix was awesome! We hiked the famous Saint Victoire today! I will put pics in the drop box! And guess what?! I actually celebrated Thanksgiving! The Bishop invited us over for a French Thanksgiving haha, it was awesome!!! We didnt have turkey but it was still really good!

Funny story! So we went to a ville far from Aix a couple days ago and had just taught a lesson pretty late at night, so after the lesson we realized that we had to book it to the bus station to make to the last bus going to Aix!  And unfortunately we missed it haha so we were freaking out and then all of a sudden a bus driver who had ended his shift asked us if we misssed our bus and then he offered to take us to the next bus stop and call the other bus to tell them to wait for us on one condition... if we gave him one of the cupcakes we had haha! It was awesome and was totally a miracle!

I heard Thanksgiving was fun for everyone and Joe and Tori it looks like you guys have had a fun couple weeks hah GEEZE! Happy birthday to Joe and Sam! Love you brothers! Well the book is blue and the church is true love you all! 

Okay Dad, here are my answers to your inspired questions....

1.     Describe your apartment
It is the smallest and most expensive apartment in the mission haha, it is one room with the kitchen and beds and desk and then a SMALL bathroom and the shower nozzle is like a hose thing so yeah haha.

2.     Describe your daily meals
BON we usually have French cereal or I make mom's scrambled eggs for breakfast, a baguettte sandwich for lunch, and like pasta or chicken for dinner. On a good day haha, alot of the times it is just like rice and chili

3.     What is your schedule?
We have alot of studying in the morning, for me especially because I am a "blue" (I think its greenie in the US). Then we go out and visit less actives and members, while contacting along the way.  Lessons are kinda rare so we prepare big time for those haha.  I am ALWAYS exhausted at the end of the day 

4.     How is your French studying going?
My French study usually consists of going to a members house and practicing teaching them a lesson!  It is awesome and helps so much

5.     Are you getting more fluent?
Yes, definitely. I can now talk to people on my own and hold a decent converstation with them.

6.     Can you understand what most people are saying?
Yes definitely, BUT there are some CRAZY accents! like the Marseilles accent is hilarious and then there is a Algerian accent cause of all the Muslims and yeah haha its crazy hard sometimes

7.     How is your health?
I had a fever a couple nights ago but I am good now I think haha. It is really good! I have some blisters on my feet but they aren't bad

8.     How many missionaries are there in Aix?
There are a wooping 8 missionaries in Aix alone!!!  Two equipes of sisters and two equipes of Elders

9.     How many missionaries are in your Zone?
About 20, I think

10.  Where do you have Zone Conferences?
In the Aix chapel!

11.  How often do you see Pres. Roney?
I have seen him once since I have arrived haha

12.  Do you write him every week?

13.  How do you get around?
WE WALK! or take a bus!

14.  How is the public transportation?
It is alot better than the US, or probably just more frequently used than in the US

15.  How do the people look?
SO GOOD HAHAH! they care about their appearance like crazy

16.  How are they different from the typical American?
So European, its exactly how you would think

17.  Have you encountered any prejudice against Americans?
HAHA yeah, like I said there are a ton of Muslims yeah who are really mean to us BUT some of my favorite people whom I have met are Muslim, so it depends

18.  Have you made good friends among the missionaries or members?
Yes, I am really good friends with the Ca missionaries and the ones from Gap and Manosque and I have some friends in the ward too! The wards are SO different than back home haha

19.  What is the study program for individual and companionship study?
I love to study the scriptures for personal and comp study is usually planning for lessons

20.  Are the members involved in the work?
Yes, but we need more of their help

21.  How is the interaction between the Elders and the Sisters, now that they are closer in age?
It is not too close from what I have seen

22.  Do the Elders have to be more careful about flirting?
HAHA yeah for sure, the assisants talked about that a couple weeks ago

23.  What attributes do you admire about the French (style, intellectualism, refinement, arts, food, etc.?)
They absolutely LOVE their families! It is adorable, they are very rational thinkers and love man-made things, they really appreciate music and architetchure! The food is UNREAL haha they take like 2 hours for each meal and love to talk and enjoy every bite

24.  Is the French culture generally hostile or apathetic toward religion?
It really depends, you hear alot of JE CROI PAS EN DIEU I don't believe in god, alot of them don't have a positive view, but there are some elect still

25.  Etc.

France rules!!!

Elder Charlie Bollard


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