Monday, November 25, 2013

Me in Saint Cannat 

Bonjour à tous!!! It has been an awesome week here in Aix, literally miracles left and right! Also the city is so pretty right now! They have decorated everything for Christmas, it is so cool! They have something called the Marché de Noel and its like a bunch of little Christmas shops that people put up in Centre Ville. You would love it mom! 

The whole atmosphere of the town changes at this time of here and there are tons of tourists and families walking around. Also everyone is just nicer! they are out looking for presents for their loved ones and are essentially serving their fellow man so it is awesome for talking to people!

So something aweosme happened this week. My comp and I have been trying to find ways that are efficient for finding people SO we decided so make someone up in our mind and find them. So as we were praying I thought of the most random thing... a Chinese man in his 30s married to a French woman.... HAH. So we agreed on finding this man and we went out tracting and contacting all day with little success... finally, after feeling a little discouraged we decided to pray. Immediately after the prayer we looked up and saw our MAN!! He was walking across the street so we booked it after him and started talking to him. He said he was 32 from China but the problem was I didnt see anyone with him so NO WIFE! But towards the end of our awesome conversation we tried to set up a RDV with him this weekend but he said he couldnt come because he will be getting his wife in PARIS. So cool haha! his name is Lei and we are meeting with him in a couple weeks and we will baptize him for sure.

I am so greatful to be here and I know that this is where I am supposed to be. The church is true and I love all of your letters and emails! Please fill me in on your lives! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! and the word for turkey in French is la dinde

Love you all
Elder Bollard


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