Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello everyone! So it has been yet another crazy week here in Pau! 

We started off the week by doing tons of service for Jaqueline and Trésor (Treasure) and we found some new amis through our service! It was great. We met Big Joe who just might be Notorious BIG's son. Also we tought Biendy, Jaqueline's friend, all about the Resoration. 

We had a BBQ at the Riviere family's house. They have six kids and the dad's dream is to one day be a mission president. They are so great. Then we taught Trahn, our Vietnamese ami with fr Riviere in English. Boy was that fun haha. She is awesome and made us a green Vietnamese cake. We also went to the Visconti family's house this week. The mom is Morracan and the husband is from Marseille. They have 5 kids and they all speak Arabic. Such a cool family. Then we had District meeting on Thursday.  On Friday we taught our ami Yoan from Paris at a crêperie in centre ville. It was the best crepe I've ever had, haha. Then we taught Sylvain and he accepted the word of wisdom - woo! After that, we went to the Fakelelu's house and gave them PMGs in Tongan and French. By the way, he knows Julie's family from Tonga. The Wolfgrams.

We fixed 9 spark RDVs while porting this week. It was intense! 

Anyways that was the week. I am loving Pau so much, the members here are just amazing and they love us a ton! I love you all and I want to hear from you so write me! 

Also I am doing my legality today because I have almost been in France for a year and I am coming home next August so yeah its crazy. So much to do and so little time! I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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