Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Pau Steam

Laorana!!! (tahitian for hello) So this week has been one full of memories. Monday night, after doing emails, we went over to a members house where I let the less active son give me a "haircut" HAH.  The modern is finished.......It was time. The reason we don't like endings is because we are made out of eternal stuff (Thank you President Uchtdorf).

Tuesday and Wednesday were the good ol' fashioned grind with some tombez-vous's and contacting, but Thursday was money!  We had District Meeting and I used Alma 37:40-44 where it talks about the Liahona and how when Lehi's family lacked in faith, they didnt progress in their journey. I related that to missionary work and it was really great!  This week's training is on "the song of redeeming love"  from Alma 5. I am stoked.

I got a blue French suit today. OOOO WEEEE!  I'll send photos later.  Thanks for the money Dad.

Then we had a RDV with a guy named Dylan. He is really legit and is truly curious. We taught with a 16 yr. old member from Gabon.  Friday we saw our basketball player ami named Sam and we had a great time with him. He is super interested. Then Saturday was super cool. We taught our ami Sylvain who came to church yesterday and he was touched by the spirit and loved it. We taught Antya with the Bishop's wife where we testified hard core about the Plan of Salvation and everyone  was crying. Then we had dinner with a Tongan family and taught their friend.  Miracles are truly happening here in Pau I am lucky to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Love you all!

Hey family WRITE ME! where is that brotherely love my brothers? I miss you guys!

Elder Bollard


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