Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Charlie and Cole

Hello everyone!  So, it has been a gnarly week here in Pau. We are teaching a FRENCH FAMILY with SIX KIDS!  I don't know how much cooler life gets than that.... Oh yeah and this family was actually first contacted by Elder Cole Thompson (Tori's nephew) when he served here. We re-found them and started teaching them. We have been over to their house twice this past week and we are going over tomorrow! They are the famille Daniels and all of their kids have English first names. They have a little baby girl named Summer and she is the cutest thing ever (almost as cute as my nieces and nephews). We taught them about the love of Christ. The dad is super open and nice, but the mom is a little skepical. I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission during our last RDV. The mom asked me how I knew that if a terrible thing were to happen to me, God would still be "there"..... I told them about my Mom's passing and I told them how strongly I could feel the love of the Lord and the love of my Mother during that time and how I knew that God was there with me.  The room was dead silent and tears started to come out of both our eyes and they both looked and me and said they wanted that type of faith - but they think it is impossible for them.  We are going to give them Alma 32 to read :)  I wish I could talk more about that incredible RDV but I don't have much time.

So my "son" (new companion) is Elder Spencer from Medford Oregon.  He did a semester at BYU before coming out.  He has good drive and speaks French very well already. We are putting ourselves to work as usual and he is doing very well. I love this ville.  It would be a great ville to start out in as did Cole. The atmoshpere of this City is changing however and is turning into a huge tourist trap because there is a castle right in the middle of the City. It is tougher to fix rdvs with people but we are keeping our amis from last transfer.  Zone interviews are next week as well as Zone training - AS WELL AS THE TOUR DE FRANCE which comes through Pau on July 24th (Pioneer Day) - so watch for me on TV ;)

We also celebrated July 4th with a French family. Check out the dbox video. I love you all and you are in my prayers! ONE LOVE
Elder Bollard
PS please send me letters and packages


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