Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Je viens d'Afrique
HELLO everyone!  So, I will start off with a miracle because they build faith. On Friday, we went to visit a elderly former ami (investigator).  Her name is Clarisse and she is from Africa. I have visited her a couple of times, she is my homegirl... I love Africans so much its unreal. We talk about Bob Marley a lot, but don't worry - we teach her too.  Anyway, one day we decided to visit the restaurant she owns,  called le cameleon. We walked in and the place was packed and it was super loud  (we always teach her when its nearly empty and quite). But I felt like we should still try to teach her so we sat down and got some water. She was having a conversation with some men at the table next to us and somehow the topic of prayer came up in the conversation. She turns to us and say "here are two young men who have sacrificed two years of their lives to talk about Jesus and prayer, listen to them." SO - long story short, we taught every single person in that restaurant the first lesson and half of the Plan of Salvation (with some Bob Marley playing in the background).  It was such a cool experience and we were able to pass out some copies of the Book of Mormon.

Other than that, we had many cool rdvs with some really great amis. We taught Dylan the Plan of Salvation this morning and he loved it.  We are taking him to Soeur (Sister) Mwambas' house tomorrow and we will eat Congan food.

ALSO, we had Zone interviews in PAU!  So, President Roney flew down for church the day before. And of course the ward secretary asked me to give a talk during Sacrament Meeting.  So, I spoke on missionary work to the ward in front of President and the assisstants, they liked it!  President gave me a shout out in his talk - haha.

OKAY I have a request from you the family! Elder Andersen told us that the way to generate faith was to share miracles. SO I am asking all of you to share miracles with me because I need more faith! Miracles in the family, at work, at school. EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!

I love you all so much and the work is moving forward!!

Elder Bollard


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