Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Howdy everyone!  So this past week has been BUSY! Let me break it down:

Monday:  We had a really good soiree familiale with the bishop's family where we taught his less-active brother.  The lesson was on being able to open your ears and listen to the Spirit.  We shared 3 Nephi 11 and talked about how we don't want to be like those Nephites who only heard the voice of the Lord on the third time.  We want to always be ready to listen to the promptings of the sprirt.

Tuesday:  We were supposed to go to Tarbes and I was supposed to give a baptismal interview to a man named Jean-Marc.  There were some hesitations and he ended up cancelling.  BUMMER.  So that day we had nothing planned and we just hit the streets.  It was a good/tough day but at night we were able to teach and play basketball with our ami Sam and his girlfriend.  She is a miracle and knows alot about the church.  

Wednesday:  We had the most fun English class ever and taught our ami Antya after. She is progessing!  Then we picked up the Zone Leaders from the Gare to start our exchange!

Thursday: We did an exchange with the Zone Leaders. We taught miracle couple Roger and Marie.

Friday:  Miracle. We met Antya's family and they agreed to letting us teach them.  They are a family of 6!  We also ate some dope Chinese buffet with Sam and a family in our ward.  Then we taught them.

Saturday:  Samedi Sportif. We played soccer and I scored 3 goals....... Also taught our ami Sylvain who also came to church yesterday.

Sunday: I gave a talkin Church! hahahah. It was on faith and logic and 1NE 17

This was a great week filled with some super cool miracles. There were some slow days but the city of Pau is great. I was reading in Alma 37:40-41 this morning where I had some mind blowing revelation.  It talks about Nephi's family and the Liahona and how they used faith and diligence to produce miracles.  We know that miracles have not ceased.  Miracles are indicators of the faith and trust that we put in God. By "small means" can we be shown "marvelous works."

LOVE you all!

PS - if any of you have sent something to the Pau apt I didn't get it. Make sure to put that it is Entree 1 and that you write les missionnaires.

One Love


Elder Bollard


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