Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey everybody!  I am in beautiful Toulouse right now waiting for the train to go to Lyon.  We woke up at 5 am this morning to catch our train. Elder Andrew is off to Gex, a ville next to Switzerland.  I'm going to miss him.  He's been a great companion.

I am so excited about this transfer because I will be training a brand new missionary - a raw block of clay that I am supposed to mold into a masterpiece!  I'm really excited.
The 4th of July was super rad.  We ate kebabs with the youth in our ward, haha.

We had two investigators at church this past Sunday and they both loved it.  We are teaching this guy named Dylan and he is super receptive to the Sprirt.  He prays every day now and before we met him he was not at all religious.

We also had a really cool miracle yesterday.  The Barbaroux family who lives in our ward is this really great family and one of the sons is the bishop.  They also have 3 less active kids.  We have been working with all three of them and they are progressing and wanting to come back.  Anyways, yesterday was the first day that the family had been together in a VERY long time.  We played Jungle Speed together and shared a really cool spiritual thought. We showed the video "Because of Him." If you haven't seen it, I invite you to go watch it now.  They are one of my favorite families here in France.

District Meeting was super great and we talked about having the Lord's image on our countenances from Alma 5.  Also Elder Ballard is coming to the mission in September!  Thats my namesake there, right?  haha.  I will tell you all about my new comp next week!  PEACE


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