Monday, June 2, 2014

Hey everyone, Happy June!!!  May was a great month and I learned a lot from my experience in Lyon.  But now we are kickin' it up a notch.  My first week in  Pau on the western border of France has been a blast. We are changing lives out here and it is so much fun!  I love my comp. He is a stud and we are killin' it.  If you get the chance you should look up Pau, France on Google.  It is beautiful and I want to come back and visit it after the mission for sure.  The people here are super laid back and love to talk. It is very different from the Lyonais big city type deal.

I spent the night in Toulouse on Monday night and it was so much fun.  I met an elder that reminded me so much of my friend Brent back home.  I almost died.  Haha. Then we arrived in Pau on Tuesday. Right as we arrived, we got a text from the two amis that Pau had and it turns out that they did not want to see the elders anymore. SO, I get here and there is absolutely nobody in the teaching pool.... 0's.

So Wednesday we just went hard in the paint all day and we fixed RDV's like crazy and repeated the same thing the next day. Long story short - we picked up 3 new investigators and a partial member famly by the end of the week.  We worked really hard and had so many miracles. This city is amazing and I dont wanna leave!

I called my district last night and they are doing really well!  It is a district of 6 and they are great missionaries. We have Zone Training in Bordeaux this Friday and I am stoked!
I love you all and I thank you for all of your emails and love. I can feel it. Please pray for us this week so that we can have even more success.

I was reading a talk by one of our apostles, Elder Andersen (who is coming to our mission June 10th) and it talks about a Chinese member of the Church who was moving back to China where the Church isn't established yet. He knew that it would be hard to stay active and strong in his faith but he asked the question to himself "it's true isn't it?" "Then what else matters?"  As my Dad always says, the best part about this Gospel is that it's true. I love you all. HAVE A GOOD WEEK

3 Bd. Jean Sarraih Résidence Carlitos II
F-64000 Pau

Please write and send food :)
Elder Bollard


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