Monday, January 5, 2015

Bon jour everyone! 
I hope New Years was awesome for all of you :)  We are starting this year off with a bang here in Toulouse! We began with an exchange with the elders in Albi.  I was able to work again with my former companion Elder Andrew from Huntington Beach. He is a great man and is one of the most loving people I know. Later on, we saw Margot and she fed us some very nice steak. She is the best!  Then we did an enchange with the Chinese equipe and I was with Elder Yeung! (see photo) He is great and we went to teach our ami Francois. He is the Frenchiest French man I know and I love that family! Afterwards, we went porting next to his house and ported into a house where the father talked to us for about 30 minutes.  He explained to us about how he lost his brother. I testified about the Plan of Salvation that our Heavenly Father created for us and he started crying. Elder Yeung gave him a hug and we shared a super special moment. I know that there is a special spirit around when missionaries bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation because that is our message! 

Afterwards, we went to two district meetings that were about planning and goal setting! We came up with the idea of "MCBOLLARD". It is basically an awesome system for fixing goals. M is for mission, C is for choose (attitude), B is for become (character), O is for obedience, L is for learn, L is for life (vision,talents), A is for activity (physical), R is for relation (with comp/family/amis), and D is for disciple (spiritual). So voila!!! MCBOLLARD  :)
We are super stoked for this Saturday because Sarah, from Italy, is getting baptized. She is so excited! Pray for her that everything will turn out well. If everything goes well, the ward should have 3 baptisms this week! Miracles are happening here in Toulouse and it is so great to be here and witness it all. 
You are all amazing and don't forget that it is all about love and the Savior. He loves us so much and we all can feel his love for us. Let's strive to love others a little bit more in our lives so that we can feel our Savior's love. I LOVE YOU ALL 

Have a great week 

Elder Bollard


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