Friday, December 5, 2014

He Is The Gift
Hello everyone!! Happy December! It is cold and wet here in Toulouse and all of the French people are busting out their huge poofy jackets. It was a great week with many memories. 

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Van Tonders on Thursday. The wife is American and the husband is from South Africa. He is a great man and he speaks around 10 different languages. It was a real Thanksgiving dinner and we had a great time. They invited their neighbors from Spain and Germany and we laughed a ton!

We are teaching some solid amis and are having great experiences. We are teaching an Italian couple and are hoping that they get married in December so that she can get baptized in January. Also Marie A's date was moved to December 20th. We had Raclette at Margot's house today with the Cuvuliers! She is doing great as a new member of the church and is being integrated well by the members.

Also JEREMIE PICHON is our Asisstant Ward Mission Leader now. It is just like the good old times in Aix. I love this ward a ton.

We had a great week going to Albi and Rodez to do exchanges. They are really beautiful villes. Rodez looks like Minas Tirith. 
On exchange with Elder Rellaford in Toulouse Center Ville
Hey everybody, the Church launched "He is the Gift" this past week. It is a very touching video that I invite all to go see. Please go to WWW.LDS.ORG and check it out. 
I am so grateful for this time of year and for this oppotunity that I have to be a missionary to share the gift that is Jesus Christ. 

Just as the shepherds did two thousand years ago in Luke 2, let's follow, discover, embrace, and share the gift with those we love.

YOU ALL ROCK. Until next week. BYE!


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