Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey eveybody!! I hope everyone is doing well! Today we went and did some Soldes (souvenir purchases) and got some super cool stuff!! It has been a pretty good week and we met some cool families!!! 

On Tuesday I went on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders and we went porting (searching) in a super elect neighborhood! When we got off the bus to start we prayed to be guided and right after we were done praying we looked up and saw a cat!  haha.  So we decided to follow the cat and it led us to this really cool girl who we talked to about the Plan of Salvation!  It was awesome and she really enjoyed talking with us.  So we kept porting and decided to pray again and after the pray guess what.... we saw a CAT! lol. So we followed it and it ran into the yard of an Asian French family!!!  They said we could come back and share a message with them!!! IT was the coolest thing ever, haha. French Spirit Cats!!! Also, last night we went to a really cool family's house who absolutely loves America! He was showing me all of his Elvis CDs and John Wayne movies - haha. 

We also were walking down Cours Mirabeau and heard someone yell "HEY ELDERS" and we looked up and it was these two Spanish guys who lived in the states. They aren't members but they LOVE the Church! We played basketball with one of them on Friday and it was sweet!! 

But there were also some bummers this week. Our investigator Mattieu, who had a baptismal date for Saturday, is haviong some doubts and has cancelled (hopefully postponed) his baptism. We were so close!!  It is frustrating but its a new week! 

I am truly grateful for all of your letters and messages. They help me out a ton!!!  I am so grateful for my friends and family and all of your support THANKS!! 


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