Monday, January 20, 2014

Bonjour à tous!! How is eveyone?  I had an awesome week this week!  There were a few ups and downs but it was still sweet.  Also thank you so much mom and dad for the packages!! You are the best parents in the world :) 

So it is the start of a new transfer!!!  I just received my new companion today around noon!  His name is Elder Erramouspe and he is sweet!!  He is from Idaho and he is in his 5th transfer making us like one of the youngest equipes in the mission.  Saying bye to Elder Kunz was sad.  He is one of the funniest dudes I know haha.  We had kind of a tough week because we had to drop two of our Amis.... It was rough but I really think it was for the best.  Elder Kunz is an office elder now so he left earlier this week.  So for half the week I was with the zone Leaders! It was awesome.  We played soccer with a bunch of French people and Africans.  It was so FUN!

 I had some really cool experiences this week.  Last night we had dinner with a family whose son is going on a mission to Tahiti in 2 weeks.  We came over for a crepe night and shared our spiritual thought on families.  I shared D&C 31 which has always brought me comfort and I talked about my family and how much I loved them.  Then we asked every one of their kids to say why they loved their family.  By the end, when it was the mom's turn, she was in tears and she thanked me for talking about you guys.  She had never noticed the comfort that D&C 31 brings to missionary families and she was so touched by the spirit.  It was one of my favorite moments on the mission so far. 

Also I taught primary on Sunday to the cutest French kids ever haha.  It was so much fun and they speak such good French haha.

I love you all and I am loving the work!! 

Also I will send the package home soon with some cool French stuff and things I need to send home!

Love you all


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