Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey everyone! So this week was one of the best so far. It is the start of a new transfer! I am receiving a new comp and I will be senior comp. He is from Tahiti and I am picking him up tonight from the gare (train station). His name is Elder Metsahuki, I am stoked.
BIG NEWS! We are having two baptisms this weekend and I would like all of you to pray for Geoffrey and Stivia so that all will go as planned. They are a brother and sister who love the Gospel and I love them so much.  We have taught them so much and they are ready.
I had tons of miracles this week too!  So in the bus I was chatting with a member when all of a sudden I felt a tap on my back. I turned and saw a woman who asked me if I had "one of those books by Joseph Smith."  I said YES OF COURSE and she told me that she was from Madagascar and that she had started to read it and had "envie" to finish it!
Also, while I was in the gare during transfers, a woman came up to me and asked if I was from the Church of Jesus Christ.  I said YES.  She then told me that she had been looking for this church for years and that she had finally found us!  She recently moved to Lyon. :)
Also, I met a man from Guadalajara this week!  hahah. He and his girlfriend are both Mexican and they rock!  I had the privilege of going to the Clark’s house for dinner this week.  They are a senior couple serving in the mission office who used to live in the Irvine 1st Ward years ago.  They are the best.  Also, we were fed Russian food by a less active member from Moscow! Das vie dania!
I am so lucky to be here where I am - doing what I am doing. I love you all and I loved Elder Utchdorf’s talk on Endings.  It touched me so much and I really felt the love of God while listening to that talk. That whole Conference was for my family!
Also, We just had a really cool RDV (rendezvous or meeting) last night with a French couple.  Their names are Prince and Paulina.  She told us that she was an atheist but there was a point in the RDV where I began to testify about the Atonement and our purpose here on Earth.  I looked at her and she was crying! She was feeling the Spirit so hard, at that point it was like we all got a roundhouse kick to the face by the Spirit and we are seeing them this week with my new comp.
I LOVE YOU ALL. Please pray for Stivia and Geoffrey.  Also, I turn 19 this transfer WHAT?!  If you want to send anything, send it to the office address!
One love
Elder Bollard



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