Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bonjour!!!!! So this past week was amazing! Literally one of the coolest weeks ever. I went olive picking in outside of Avignon, hiked through underground caves, went to Mareseilles, saw Chateau d'If, and had zone conference!! it was awesome and we picked up two new investigators!!!

Last week the Zone Leaders took us olive harvesting with one of their amis (investigator) and it was awesome! It was in a beatiful olive garden tucked away in the hills. We had a picnic and ate like ten different types of cheeses, crazy... After went went hiking through these really cool caves.

Yesterday the Aix and Marseilles Elders went to Chateau D'If and took some sweet pics. Sam, I took a pic just like the one you took in Spain with aviators, it is my favorite pic of you. I have Chateau D'If and Marseilles in the background, its sweet! haha. Anyways it was awesome!

Monday was Zone Interviews and it was soo cool! I had such a spiritual interview with President Roney, he is an amazing man!

Aix is beautiful now that they have decorated it for Christmas! It is soo cool! I took some sweet pics! Everyweek all four equipes (conpanionships) go carolling in Centre Ville and SOO many people stop to listen it ROCKS. The work is picking up fast! We just picked up two new amis today!! Miracle ones name is PP and the other is Ayoub. PP is a sushi delivery man and Ayoub works at a nuclear power plant! They are awesome, they loved the Plan of Salvation! We have also had some crazy RDVs but you gotta get through the terres to find the wheat.

The French is coming along now! I understand most everything that is said and I can kinda express myself haha! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! Celebrate it for me as the French DONT ugh. But I am doing well and look forward to an awesome week!

I am now posting all of my pictures in a dropox! It takes too long to do it the other way so here is my account info and you should be able to access the pics I took this week. They are way cool!!!

got to
Charlie Bollard

password: 123kakee


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