Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On a bien travailler cette semaine :)

Bonjour everyone! I am so excited to be writing home this week because we had some super great miracles. So for starters, we have this new idea for the Gex Ward called "Family Mission Plan" (FMP).  It consists of two goals: (1) to strengthen our own family; and, (2) to share the gospel with those around us. So this past week, we have been visiting members, presenting this plan and it has been working really well so far. There are so many young families in this ward and we hope that this will strengthen the area.
We first went to the Magalhaes's on Monday night and shared it for Family Night. Then on Tuesday, we taught Christophe with Olivier Thia and then went to the Zinsuis's for the FMP. On Wednesday, we taught Aurore just before Ward Council and the lesson with her went really well. She is going to really try to make the effort to come to Church more often . On Thursday, we went hard and passed out a ton of invitations for the Open House that our chapel had last Saturday. Then we went to Divonne and spoke with some really cool people. We met an awesome Polish family who invited us to come back. Then on Friday we taught Jean-Christophe (member) and his mom (ami). During the lesson, I got a call from the APs saying that President Roney has requested that I accompany him on his "au revoir" conferences (we're getting a new president on July 1). I am not sure what he is going to have me do but we will see. The lesson went really well and I am good friends with his mom now.
I love chatting with old French people. They are so wise and have so many cool stories. Later Friday night, we went to the Jardons and had a blast!  We presented the FMP and ate a marvelous dinner. On Saturday we had the legendary Open House. It was glorious! A good numberof people came. Three of our amis came to check it out!  One of them (Michel) gave us a ton of Swiss chocolate. The members did a great job of presenting everything. And that night we went to the Thia's for dinner. And guess who was there? My good friend Austin Murphy from Irvine! HAH - yep. We had dinner together and shared a thought on Christ with the family. The following day, Austin and his friend came to Church. And check this out. During church, while we were translating for the English Speakers, a woman walks in and says: "I'm here for the Open House," and I was like "well that was yesterday but I can show you something even better" and so she stayed for Sacrament Meeting and loved it. We invited her to come again next week. After Church we taught Christophe with Austin and his friend Jacob. It went really well and they bore strong testimonies. 

I love this work! And nothing brings a greater joy than working hard till the very end of whatever we do. In these last 10 weeks, I am going to work my hardest and "feed" His sheep! 

You all rock. LOVE YOU


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