Monday, May 5, 2014

HEY everyone! So I want to thank everyone who wished me an early happy birthday! I am stoked for it.  le 8 Mai.  It is a National French Holiday. 

We had some pretty cool experiences this week and it all began with an unreal metro accordian duel. I wanted to video tape the whole thing but I was in proselyting clothes. Anyways it was like one of those guitar hero battles and it was sick. This Metro ride was on the way to the Old City Lyon. We received a coordinee (referral) from other Elders and it was a hospital at the top of a mountain that looks over Lyon. 

It is next to a huge Catholic church called Fourviere and it was so dope! 

We taught some cool people and had a new ami named Eric at church yesterday. 

We also received another coordinee from the bishop for someone who live in the richest part of the city. So miracle after miracle, we were led to this man's apartment. It was like Jay Gatsby's mansion. We found him and he loved that I was Californian. We talked to him and he is thinking about coming back to church!

I was also attacked by a man on acid with a half-eaten bamboo stick. He was nuts... I had to restrain him from wrecking me.

Also I taught Priesthood yesterday!  It was on service and the members loved it!  I remember in the MTC when I received a letter from my dad saying that French would be the language of my own conversion.  I truly tesitfy that that is true.  I have felt so much comfort and clarity while reading and praying in French. 

I got my haircut today and the "modern" has been redefined. For those of you who don't understand, I can't explain...
Also, I was contacting someone this week and saw a poster for 24 in the background and almost screamed when I saw Jack Bauer. Best series ever. 

Anyways, I am so thankful for all of your love and support and I have almost made it to 19 years! Whew! 
One Love


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