Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hello everyone! So this week was one of the craziest weeks ever. Like we had some crazy experiences. Lyon is seriously a blessed city. We have been having so much success. We found about 6 new amis this week and they are all really cool. We saw countless miracles.

I'll start with Magalie. Magalie is from Colombia and she is making jewelry here in France. She doesn't speak much French at all so I had to use all of the Spanish I knew for the first lesson. It was so spiritual. We taught VERY simply and after she closed with a prayer she was in tears. I love her so much and she came to church with us yesterday.

Baby-to and Remi are the coolest black guys ever. They are evangilists from Haiti and they love god. They pray with their arms extended outwards and its unreal. They are brothers and very interested.

We went porting (door to door) in a place called Vennisseaux and we got let in three times. We taught two lesson and it was so cool.

We are teaching these two Nigerians who are sketchy and might be prostitutes soooo, yeahhhh, we will clear that up. But for reals there are sooo many cool black people here and they all love God. It is great. 

Today we played frisbee at a park. The weather is getting alot nicer here and it is beautiful. I love the ward here so much. Our bishop is black and the first thing he said to me was avez-vous le pouvoir? (which means "do you have the power?" ) Hahaha he is soo cool and they are rock solid members here. 

I love this city and I get to talk to the Clarks (formerly of Irvine) and President Roney a lot, so it is great. 

I would love to hear from all of you. You can write to the mission address or to my apartment.

I have truly felt the Spirit of the Lord this week and I was able to listen to my Mom's funeral tape.  It was so powerful and I am so proud of my brothers and my dad. They are my heros and I love you all so much. You all rock. Love you.

Elder Bollard 


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