Monday, October 14, 2013

Here is Elder Charlie Bollard's email from October 14, 2009:

Bonjour tout les monde!!!! It has been a great week. I was called to be the District Leader on Sunday and it is crazy!! I love it. Thank you all so much for the letters and packages, they're the best! This week was awesome! I saw Makayla at the temple on Sunday and it was awesome!!! Life in the MTC is good, I have 14 days left to try and learn as much French as I can! It is REAL. Austin Do, I got your DearElder and I thank you for writing me! I hope all is well in good ol' Irvine! It is super cold in Provo and all of the leaves are changing, its beautiful. But I have a feeling France will be even cooler. I hear the family had a fun week at the beach and that Luke got BAPTIZED! That is awesome! Give him a big hug for me. I am guessing Joe and Tori landed safely in Australia and I hope you guys have shown your kids some kangaroos and stuff. Things are awesome here and I really love the work. I was listening to a talk from Elder Holland about how important a mission is and I really have never thought about some of the things he said before. But really everything that I will experience in the next two years will shape the rest of my life and all of the choices I make. I am so blessed to be here and have such an awesome family and great friends. Storm I got your letter today and I am going to read it tonight! I encourage anyone to write and tell me how life is! The French is going well. I really hope I don't get lost in the airport after I land, especially in Amsterdam. I dont know Dutch!!! Keep writing and I look forward to writing back next week. Bonjournee!   

Elder Bollard with his cousin Makayla at the Provo Temple


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