Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC

Bonjour tout le monde!!!!

This last week has been AMAZING! I really have learned to love the MTC and General Conference was like Christmas haha. I've got three weeks left here then off to France!!! I am so excited. This weekend was amazing and there were so many great talks! I really felt like this entire General Conference was exactly what my family needed. Especially President Monson's and Elder Holland's. Stay strong Bollards and remember that hope is never lost. My testimony has grown so much as all of my questions have been answered this weekend. I noticed a reoccurring theme of being "meek and lowly in heart" in alot of the talks. Which is awesome because we could all be a little more meek. I also heard one of my favorite verse repeated this weekend, "Be not afraid, only believe". I know that I will be acting in faith ALOT in the streets of southern France so these talks inspired me so much. I hope everything is okay back home. I am learning the subjunctive conjugations right now and it is AWESOME HAH! I wish I had more time to write but dont stop the letters! and if you havent written me yet, its never to late! haha I will write back! Stay strong and trust in God, he is with us. We just have to choose to feel his presence. Have a great week everybody!!!

Elder Bollard 


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