Monday, May 11, 2015

Le jour de mère heureux
Hey everyone!!! Happy Mother's day to all the awesome mothers out there :)

What an awesome week!  We spent time with so many awesome members. Also, I turned 20!  So, we started off by going to the Bishop's house on Monday night where we talked about the Ward Mission Plan.  It was très rad. Then on Tuesday, we went to a city called Vesancy. A member drove us there and we ported (tracted) the entire village. We were there for like 6 or 7 hours doing work. After that we taught our ami Christophe and then taught an English class.

Wednesday was the grind!  We had 3 tombés-vous (cancelled appointments). So we worked hard and talked to a lot of people. On Thursday, and Friday we went to Geneva to go to the hospital for my comp. He had some health issues in the past and we just did some check ups with some pretty fancy doctors in Geneva.  After Geneva on Thursday, we went to a primary activity where we taught the kids how to search scriptures and how to tie a necktie. Then we went to an Argentinian family's house for a family meal for the birthday of the grandma. It was so sweet! We showed the Because He Lives video to all of the nonmembers there.
Then Friday was my Birthday! wohoo! We had 2 Mangez-vous (meals) and it was awesome! We went to the Thia family's house and the Lipperts. The Thias are from the Reunion Island and the Lipperts are from Germany and Canada. I got root beer and Mac & Cheese wrapped up as presents.  And you don't find that stuff easily here.  On Saturday we had samedi sportif (sports saturday) and played frisbee then had an awesome rdz with the Jardons. They are a great family and the dad is a legend in the church. He is the man. Then, yesterday was the best!

It was so great to Skype with my family. To all of those who were there, you looked great. I am sorry if I said weird things because there was a point when I was translating from French to English in my head, haha! Congrats to Teddy for turning 8 and being baptized! wohoo!  It was so great to see everyone from Australia to Utah :)  I love you guys so much and I know that Mom was there during our conversation. I could feel her presence :)  It was a great Skype and it gave me some great motivation to finish even stonger!!! Thanks again for everything. I love you!!!

Elder Bollard


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