Monday, April 20, 2015

Nous allons à Lyon!!!!!

 Walking through Bordeaux

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Because my comp and I are "in the steam!"  We just had a super great and amazing RDV with our ami Yann. But first I will talk about the week. SO this week was great. After emails on Monday, we went to a sister's house and had dinner in her backyard. Her name is Soeur (Sister)Yonnet. She is such a funny woman. We were cracking jokes all night! We shared a message on Alma 37 on the story of Alma telling Helaman about the Liahona. It went really well!
Then on Tuesday, I went to Agen on exchange with Elder Berry from Utah. It was a great exchange and Elder Berry is a great missionary. We taught a family about the ressurection and it was really powerful. The kids said that they wanted to come to church. On Wednesday we had the Agen Disrict Meeting and then after we took a train to Limoges. Which is a BEAUTIFUL city!  Wow, it is so French and pretty.
On Thursday we went to the Limoges District Meeting and I did an exchange with Elder Jacob Pettingill. He is an amazing missionary. I love that man so much. He is one of the funniest people I know, haha. We had some pretty funny experiences on that exchange :)  Then on Friday we taught our ami Adriano from Angola the Restoration and he loved it. Even though he didn't understand all of it..... we will have to teach with a Portuguese member. After that, we went to the Caussé's house for dinner. Yes that's right, the same Caussé as the Presiding Bishop of the Church. It was his childhood home that we went to. Just his parents live there now and they are super nice.
On Saturday, we had a super fun day in the vineyards of Bordeaux. We took a train and then a car ride through some of the most famous places in France to go visit some members. We taught them about the "my family" booklets that the Church does and it went really well. On Sunday, we had a great Sacrament Meeting and taught a Ukrainian man outside of the chapel. He barely spoke English and didn't speak fFench at all. I tried my Russian on him and he thought I spoke fluently :) Also, we taught Yann at the church with like 5 members. It was awesome. He is awesome! One of the most prepared people I have taught on my mission.
Which brings us to the RDV that we just had. We taught him the Plan du Salut (Salvation) with a frere (brother)from the ward. He loved it and he explained the spirit in such a perfect way. He says that every time he leaves our RDVs or the chapel, he feels like he is on a cloud. He is well into First Nephi in the Book of Mormon now and he just keeps going. He has accepted an invitation to baptism. We just pray that his wife will be okay with letting him be baptized. 

Anyways, life is good. The Church is true and the book is blue. 

Oh yeah, and this week the whole mission is going to Lyon to get iPads on Saturday. Elder Kearon and Elder Nielson will come and give them to us. We are neck deep in planning for this. We are taking our Zone and the Talence zone across the country on a bus HAH. It is going to be fun. I will send pics next week. Also check out the pics I posted today.

YOU ALL ROCK, the Lord loves you and knows who you are and what you are capable of. Trust Him. 



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