Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello everyone! It has truly been an interesting week for all of us. I have had so many spiritual experiences that have helped build my testimony in the past 5 days. But nonetheless, I miss my Mom... I know that she is in the Lord's hands right now.

This has been the most emotional week of my life, but with the knowledge I have and with support of my family I have been able to feel at peace.  You are amazing.  All of you.  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much.  It is trials like this that bring us closer together.
Everyday on the street I hear grumpy French people ask me why God lets bad things happen to good people. I know there isn't a perfect answer for this but a couple days ago I contacted a Chinese mother with her stoller. She asked me this same question. I just looked at her with tears in my eyes and said "parce qu'il nous aime" this means because he loves us.  I then proceeded to talk about my Mom and showed her a picture of my family.  When she looked back up at me, she had tears in her eyes and asked me how I knew that I would see my Mom again.  I pulled out a Book of Mormon and handed it to her and told her that "this is how I know."  I just got off the phone with her and we are meeting with her this Wednesday.  

It is so important to put our trust in the Lord. Nephi was such a strong example of this.  I truly feel so empowered when I read 2 Nephi, Chapter 4.  It is right after his father has passed away and he puts his trust in the Lord forever.  "I know in whom I have trusted, my God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions."  Sometimes all we can do is just put our trust in the Lord and have faith in the Plan that he has for each one of us.  This will strengthen us and help us grow closer to Him. 

Always be thankful for what you have and count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will suprise you what the Lord has done. 

Elder Bollard


  1. J'ai lu, et je suis très touché par ce que vous dites sur votre Maman. Oui, elle est dans les mains du Seigneur et je la remercie de vous avoir fait naitre. Que notre Père céleste, notre Sauveur Jésus-Christ et le Saint Esprit vous consolent lorsque vous ressentez trop fortement son absence...


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